About us

ERE Grupp was founded in 2005. It is a group of companies that provides financial services, lends money, deals with financing business projects and is engaged in real estate investments. In our financing activities, our target group is traditional business areas – real estate, construction, trade and industry. We always make a decision to grant a loan based on a thorough analysis of the company. We consider prior experience, financial data, securities, solvency and the company’s potential. We finance medium-sized and large companies. We often involve international consultants and independent experts to analyse issues regarding the loan. The loan may be intended to develop the company, used as operating capital or to release equity and replace it with external capital. All loans will be secured.

One of our investment sectors is residential real estate development. We also invest into business and property rent projects. For the financing of our projects we use the capital raised through Savings and loan associations.

Social context is very important for us: we do not lend to companies involved in microloans, manufacture and sale of alcoholic products or tobacco trade and industry. Our clients are Estonian companies only, thus we contribute to the development of Estonian enterprises, new jobs and tax revenue for the Estonian state.

ERE Grupp was founded in 2005  when the company called Estonian Real Estate was created. By offering intermediation services, we have received priceless experience in selling real estate.

In the years from 2008 till 2012 we concentrated on developing dwelling real estate by renovating and selling more than 100 apartments, including 5 smaller apartment buildings.

Since 2013 we have strongly invested into business project. In the interests of compiling a balanced portfolio we are purchasing high yielding real estate in the production, commercial and dwelling sectors.

Since 2015 we started financing business companies by giving loans.

Leading rating agencies Krediidiinfo and Bisnode have assigned AAA and AA credit ratings to ERE Grupp companies. Some of ERE Grupp companies were conferred the honorary title of Gazelle company by the authoritative economic issue Äripäev and are among the top fast growing and highly ranked real estate companies.

ERE Group companies are the members of the following international organizations and professional associations:
-The International Real Estate Federation (rahvusvaheline kinnisvaraföderatsioon (FIABCI))
-The British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce (Briti-Eesti Kaubanduskoda (BECC))
— Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Eesti Kaubandus-Tööstuskoda)
— Estonia Real Estate Agents Association (Eesti Kinnisvarafirmade Liit (EKFL))

Thanks to professional management and team work ERE Group has achieved high efficiency in investments. This way we ensure our depositors and investors high productivity and guaranteed payments.

Our partners: