Partnership of savings and the credit

The name Savings and loan associations (S&L) speaks for itself. It is an association which not just grants credit but also deposits and grows the savings of its members, allowing to pay them high interest on the savings.


This in turn allows to collect money securely without taking direct risks. The Estonian Development Savings and Loan Association provides the opportunity to deposit savings into profitable Estonian companies and grow your money this way. The S&L has been founded in order to finance good projects and share the revenue earned with the depositors.

Interest from profitability

High interest rates, ensuring the profitability of the deposit, are the main advantage of savings and loan associations. In comparison: interest rates on deposits at leading Estonian banks such as Swedbank or SEB form 0.10 – 0.00%, while starting from 01.03.2017 the S&L Estonian Development Savings and Loan Association guarantees a profit of 7,5 % per year.

Calculator of interest rate on savings

Calculate the interest rate on your savings!

Your gross income per month* = 187.50

Your gross income per year* = 2 250.00

* The amount without deduction of income tax

History of savings and loan associations

Savings and loan associations started to develop particularly quickly in the late 50s of the last century when people were building houses but lacked money. Having equity (share capital) eventually enabled such associations to accept a limited number of deposits as well as term deposits. In time, S&Ls began to compete with large commercial banks, beating them in involving the savings of the people. Today tens of millions of people are members of savings and loan associations, including those in the Baltic States and other European countries.