Working capital loan

Short-term investment or deals with a seasonal project often need to be financed by loan.

When there is need to make a short-term investment or deal with a seasonal project, those activities often need to be financed by loan. These projects or purchases can be financed with a working capital loan, which is intended for such short-term investments. The clients for such loans are often growing companies which have no finances to develop their business and make it grow quickly. Working capital helps increase the sales turnover of such companies and generate revenue for the company. The company’s engine must not be stopped. Each client gets a personal treatment. If necessary, we involve international consultants and independent experts to analyse issues regarding the loan.

We finance only medium-sized and large companies with a minimum balance sheet starting from 1 million euros and minimum turnover starting from 2 million euros. The debtor should have been operating for at least 5 years. Securities are established on all loans issued by us.

Securities are established on all loans issued by us.

  • Loans for the working capital of the company. Short-term investments in equipment with a short payback period.
  • Purchasing seasonal stock.
  • Short-term financing of stock.
  • Investments for real estate development. Loans for real estate development secured by the real estate purchased or to be purchased.
  • Bridge financing for real estate transactions.


The conditions

  • The amount – starting from 100 000 euros
  • Type of security – mortgage, commercial pledge, pledge of shares, surety of owner
  • Loan interest offered on an individual basis
  • Contract fees – 1% contract fee, 1% fee for premature termination of contract
  • Duration of loan – up to 1 year